Seasonal Patterns and Phenology

Students study seasonal patterns

Under climate change, higher average temperatures are already resulting in longer autumns, shorter winters, and earlier springs. These changes in the timing of the seasons affect when and how plants and animals behave, such as when apple trees bloom and when birds migrate. Humans behavior is also highly influenced by seasonal changes, both in our work and family life. This tool provides an introduction to the impacts of climate change on seasonal patterns and phenology at the community level. Climate action suggestions are provided for ways to document and communicate seasonal change, in order to improve our understanding of the effects of climate change and encourage conversations in your community. This tool pairs well with a climate action activity related to phenology.


Discover how climate change relates to seasonal patterns in your community and how to take climate action

High School
Time needed: 

15-20 minutes to read closely; additional time to explore linked content

Materials Needed: