Visual Collages


Use photos and images from your community, region, or both to create visual collages. Use these collages to have conversations with community stakeholders about what they are already doing that is good for their community—and also for the climate (even if they don’t realize it!).


Help community members see that they’re already engaged in activities that are benefit the climate; interviewers will start to understand where there is already community activity and interest in climate action

Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Time needed: 

2 hours–2 days to make collages (depending how much prep you want to do), 10–30 minutes to do one interview

Materials Needed: 

For collages: digital or hard copy photos/images of your community, computer with Powerpoint and printer or sturdy paper, scissors, and glue; for interviews: collages, paper, pen

Partners Who Used this Tool: 

Project Exploration, Faith in Place/Covenant United Church of Christ


This Connect collages tool expands the Visual Collages tool first created by the Field Museum. Special thanks to the Field Museum for allowing us to use it as a model.