Video Stories in Climate Action

video stories

This video collection includes short video stories (1.5 to 2 minutes) showcasing individuals and groups from diverse cultures taking actions that benefit their communities and the climate at the same time. They are intended to demonstrate that climate action is part of all of our cultural histories and embedded in our everyday lives. Many of the stories also highlight creative, community-generated solutions to climate change that either complement common solutions often promoted, such as recycling, changing out light bulbs, and taking public transportation, or put particular spins on them so they fit the local culture and advance community goals. The guide provides a snapshot of the original six videos in the collection and some guidance for using them to prompt discussion and create video stories from your own community.

Videos are available on the Connect YouTube Channel


Demonstrate that climate action is embedded in your culture and that it takes many creative forms

Middle School
High School
Time needed: 

1–4 hours, depending on whether you will record your own video stories

Materials Needed: 

Internet access and phone/equipment with video-recording capability