Identifying Community Assets

Identifying Community Assets

Any climate action project that is community-based should start by identifying community assets: already existing strengths that can serve as a springboard for climate engagement by building on what the community is already doing well. This tool explains different types of assets and walks you through a process for working with diverse community stakeholders to identify assets related to climate change education and action. It also provides links for creating asset maps and for learning more about community assets.

Middle School
High School
Time needed: 

Multiple 2+ workshop sessions of 1–2 hours

Materials Needed: 

Community Assets graphic (downloads), Brainstorming Community Assets worksheet (downloads), pencils, Internet access to watch videos (optional)

Partners Who Used this Tool: 

Alliance for the Great Lakes/Michigan City Schools, Chicago Zoological Society (Brookfield Zoo), Faith in Place/Covenant United Church of Christ, G-WOW, Project Exploration, University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum