Climate Change Conversations and Posters


This tool includes a conversation guide to get people talking about climate action as it relates to their own lives, as well as instructions for turning the conversations into posters and a community poster campaign showcasing community members as climate action leaders.


Help people see their personal connections to climate action, collect personal and community stories, and spread the word about how community members are taking climate action to build community pride

Middle School
High School
Time needed: 

5–10 minutes per conversation; 20–30 minutes to make a poster; multiple days to plan and carry out a community campaign

Materials Needed: 

For conversations: conversation guide (download), notebook, pen; for posters: computer with this Make Your Own Poster Campaign PowerPoint template, phone or camera to take photo, Internet to upload photo to computer, and color printer—or posters can be handmade

Partners Who Used this Tool: 

Brookfield Zoo