Climate and Community Jeopardy

Climate and Community Jeopardy

Climate Jeopardy is a twist on the popular question-and-answer game show. It provides an engaging way to find out what people know about climate change and start to expose them to a bit more climate education. For Connect, we have created a new version of this Jeopardy game, focused on Climate Change in Great Lakes Communities. This version introduces people to the ideas of community assets and concerns as they relate to climate change and climate action. You can use this as an active, participatory introduction to the subject or as a culminating activity to see what people have learned.


Learn about the impacts of climate change on your community with an engaging trivia game

High School
Time needed: 

10 minutes–1 hour

Materials Needed: 

Computer with internet access or printed game cards, pencil or pen, and paper

Partners Who Used this Tool: 

Faith in Place/Covenant United Church of Christ