Guiding for Tomorrow Approach

Why did you participate in Connect?

We participated in Connect to basically connect with other community-based climate change educational initiatives. We believe that we have a unique approach to climate education that is culturally relevant and community place-based that other organizations might benefit from, and that we might learn new tools and approaches through Connect to strengthen our G-WOW Initiative.

What is the underlying goal of your project?

Outreach of culturally relevant climate change education that results in service learning action at a community level.

Why did you choose the activities and tools you did? How did they support what you were already doing at your organization?

The tools we chose fit within the place-based and field approach we demonstrate during our G-WOW climate change professional development institutes. We also felt that these tools were the most replicable in our G-WOW Institute and on our G-WOW website’s climate toolkit for teachers.

Our approach through the G-WOW Initiative is to help educators and learners develop culturally relevant climate change service learning activities. It is to promote a new way of increasing awareness of climate change that integrates place-based perspectives with science. It makes climate change come alive for learners by making it relevant to the cultural activities that they value. Our approach provides ideas for taking action on climate change and gives opportunities for sharing these ideas with others.