Chicago Zoological Society

Planting at Brookfield Zoo

The Chicago Zoological Society is a conservation organization of people focused on making a global impact through passionate innovation in animal welfare and conservation.

Project Description: 

Create a virtual, optimistic, solutions-based community extending beyond the zoo that promotes, inspires, and engages in climate change conversations and action.


Develop new, conversational models of climate change interpretation that provide hope and inspire community action.

Read more about the Chicago Zoological Society's approach here.

Tools in Action: 

Social Media Campaign

Carlita the Candid Crocodile was created by the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) as part of the Crowdsharing Environmental Action project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It’s an innovative way to involve audiences in conversations about conservation and measure their engagement. We used this platform to implement Connect’s Climate Change Conversations and Posters approach in the virtual realm.

Climate Change Conversations

Check out an array of dialogue strategies in use during Impromptu Climate Change Conversations with Yvette. During each impromptu video, Yvette uses appropriate interpretive techniques and climate change conversation-framing strategies tailored to the comments and responses of the people she interacts with.

Partner Tools: 

CLiZEN (Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network)
NAI (National Association for Interpretation)
NNOCCI (National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation)

Organizations and People Involved: 

Andre Copeland, Interpretive Programs Manager, Chicago Zoological Society
Yvette Mendez, Interpretive Programs Coordinator, Chicago Zoological Society
Jess Reese, Interpretive Programs Supervisor, Chicago Zoological Society